Frequently Asked Questions

The East African Community Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (EAC CASSOA) is an autonomous self-accounting institution of the EAC charged with ensuring the coordinated development of an effective and sustainable civil aviation safety and security oversight infrastructure in the EAC region.


When was CASSOA established?

CASSOA was created on 18th April 2007, after the Protocol for the Agency’s establishment was signed by the three founder Partner States (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda) and commenced operations on 1st June 2007.


What are the functions of CASSOA?

CASSOA’s three major functionsa are:

• Harmonising operating regulations to ensure that they meet international standards and recommended practices;

• Developing standardised procedures for licensing, approving, certificating and supervising civil aviation activities; and

• Providing guidance and assistance to Partner States including putting in place measures for resource sharing particularly for the technical personnel.


How does the Agency work?

CASSOA is designed to work with Partner States’ civil aviation authorities, which retain responsibility for regulating civil aviation activities in their territories covering licensing, approving, certificating and ensuring compliance.


Who heads CASSOA?

The Agency’s executive head is the Executive Director, who in turn reports to the CASSOA Board of Directors. The Executive Director holds office for a non renewable term of five years and is held rotationally.


Who constitute the CASSOA Board?

Membership to the Board includes all the heads of civil aviation authorities of the Partner States, the Executive Director and aviation experts, one from each Partner State nominated by the Minister responsible for civil aviation.


I would like to work for CASSOA…

CASSOA is an equal opportunity employer and employment (including internship) opportunities that open up at the Agency are advertised and filled in accordance with our recruitment guidelines. Go to our Vacancies section to find out which opportunities are available.


My question is not addressed here?

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