Aviation Examination System

The EAC civil aviation examination system is an initiative launched in May 2014 and which aims to establish a common computerised personnel licensing examination system for aviation professionals in the region including pilots, flight engineers, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers and flight operations officers.

The overall goal of this initiative is to improve the safety of civil aviation within the region through harmonisation of examination questions for aviation personnel. The system, which is a first for a regional economic community on the continent, is targeted to have a databank of 20,000 questions.

CASSOA is the host of the examination system, procured from LPLUS GmbH of Germany, while the Partner States will provide the bulk of the examination questions to populate the examinations bank. The Agency also coordinates several working groups responsible for validating and uploading questions into the central repository.

It is expected that the system will equal or supersede that used in Europe in terms of scope, diversity of exams provided and the interface to other working tools currently used to facilitate issuance of licences and certificates.